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[ALBUM EP] Lykan - Natsa (Zip File)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018
With no full moon gracing the sky, "Lykan" is out with his long awaited debut album EP titled "Natsa" meaning one in a million, the project shows off his versatility as he gives you the best of different  genres like hip hop, alternative, afro pop to mention a few. The project's chief executive director is "Mr Ex - O

"Lykan (Abraham Asede)"is one of three kids with a delta heritage, at a very young age, his first contact with music was through his Dad who always had records of "Fela", "Bob Marley" and "Wyclef" on rotation in his car and at home, "Craig David" and "Sisqo" were later musical Influences in his life, the whole project was produced, mixed and mastered by "SuddenSmoke (Arnold Asede) his younger brother for "Smoke Factory" in partnership with "Alpha Fox Pack" management, 
Hope you Enjoy this master piece art work of music.

Ps. Happy valentine day 
I.G : Lykan_sings 
Twitter : D_Lykan 


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