1. When you wake up in the morning drink one full pure water or take a glass of water on empty stomach. This is very good for the body.
2.Take fruit everyday. Fruit such as Water melon, paw paw, orange, avocado pear, banana, African star apple, apple, mango ,guava , cashew fruit, soursop (shawa sop) and velvet tamarind (icheku). Banana is good for fertility, avocado pear is good for the skin, female aphrodisiac and reducing of body weight. Cucumber is a female aphrodisiac, carrot is good for the eyes and enhances sperm count . Guava, African star Apple and velvet tamarind are highly rich in vitamin C . Soursop is a potent anti cancer fruit. In fact, if want to live long on earth make fruits your best friend .
3. Foods such as Unriped Plantain is highly good for the body due to high iron content. Unriped Plantain is excellent for male sexual problem.
4. Vegetables : the more vegetables you eat the better for you. Many vegetables are loaded with antioxidant ,vitamins and minerals. Mori…


Delivering a baby is the  job of an expert.
However emergencies sometimes arise, a woman can go into labour when there is no doctor or other health worker around. In such a situation, it is better to try deliver her than to do nothing. It is therefore important that you know some basic things about child delivery. And remember that no knowledge gained is wasted.
Stage one : The first stage of the labour is when she is having the contractions, your primary duty at this stage is to give her reassurances that everything will be alright. If you think it is possible to bring in an expert than to do so, you do that quickly, but if you want to continue, then be ready for the delivery.
Stage two: At this stage, the woman experience an overwhelming urge to push. Don't try to delay or prevent her from doing so. Take her to a comfortable place and cover the area with a plastic sheet, towels or newspapers. You need this because the place might get messy.
Stage three: Let her lie comfortably …


This is in ability for a man to produce or  make woman pregnant. A lot of men are suffering from low sperm count which is the root of many childless marriages. It is better for you to know the cause of low sperm count so that you can prevent yourself from them. A man need up to 20 millions of sperm in his semen to be able to impregnate his wife. There are numerous factors including infections, diseases that are responsible for low sperm count. Some men have untreated Gonorrhoea, Staphylococcus, and many other STD in the body. Another condition that leads to low sperm count is sitting in a car, lorry or truck when driving for long hours, this generates heat and kills a lot of sperm and lower the sperm count. How you can test yourself to know if you have this problem of low sperm count at home. All you need to do is to get a cup filled with clean water, then masturbate and ejaculate into the cup and begin to observe your sperm inside the water. If more than half of the sperm is floatin…


For many years withdrawal of the penis from the vagina just before ejaculation has used to avoid pregnancy. In several investigations back in the days before the pill became available, which become one of the source of irregularity in menstruation today. It was found to be the most usual method adopted. It's reliable of course, on the ability of the man to recognize the sensations which occur in his male organ (the penis) just before ejaculation and for him rapidly  to withdrew his penis from the vagina and ejaculate outside. This require great self control, as the man will often want to keep his penis in the woman's vagina for as long as possible to obtain great amount of pleasure . As the first spurt of sperm, which contains the most spermatoza, may either be ejaculated during withdrawal or may Pour in the vagina entrance, the risk of pregnancy is still very high even when it does not Pour deep inside the vagina. The interruption of the movement of penis in the vagina, is s…


A woman who desperately wants to get pregnant can improve her chances by adopting certain positions when making love. The following are the positions that rate 9 high for the purpose of conception (pregnancy) .
1. Missionary position : it is believed that the missionary position (man on top of woman) affords the best opportunity for baby production. The position allow the deepest penetration, and as a result places sperm closer to the cervix. For additional effectiveness of this position, the woman can elevate her hips with pillows so her cervix will exposed to the maximum amount of sperm.
2. Rear Entry: Rear entry is when the man enters the woman from behind, either lying down or kneeling. It is also affords the opportunity to deposit sperm closer to the cervix and after the sperm is deposited, the woman is advice to relax on the bed for about half and hour and this also aid conception (pregnancy) very fast.
3. Lying side by side: This can be a relaxing position (great for promoting…


Due to ignorance some women have  destroy their lives with drug abuse, while some take acidic substances. The reason is that they do not want  to get pregnant after unprotected sex, while some even go straight to abortion which is equal to murder and against the sacrilege of marriage and to God Almighty. After damaging their wombs, they lay their problem on someone else. This drugs abuse and abortion leads to tube blockage. To help you out, i come up with this post "Simple way to avoid unwanted pregnancy without the use of drug"
This has to do with sign of ovulation. Pregnancy only results when released ovum (egg) from a woman's ovary is fertilized by the sperm cell. Fertilization of ovum by the sperm cell can only occur during the "Roman's ovulation" that is the period within the months cycle when the ovary in the women releases an egg. If the released egg meets the sperm before it dies, the fertilization will occur and implantation takes place. It simply…


Almost every family in our society are willing to have a male child. This is because they believe  that the society are being ruled by men. So to determine the sex of unborn baby. The sex chromosome of a woman is XX while that of a man is X and Y. What determines the sex of a child is not the ovum (egg) of the woman but the sperm of a man. During sexual intercourse, millions of sperm of both types X and Y are released by man into the vaginal. It is a game of chance, which one  gets to the woman's egg first and  fertilize it determines the sex of the baby. X and Y chromosome act differently. Certain condition favour each against other, X chromosome is sponger, live longer and swim slowly. Y chromosome is weaker,  more fragile but die earlier and swim faster.
1. If  couple want to have a male child they should have intercourse on the day the woman ovulates, that is the day she releases the egg.
This would give the Y chromosome advantage  of reaching the egg  first and fertilize it.…