1. When you wake up in the morning drink one full pure water or take a glass of water on empty stomach. This is very good for the body.
2.Take fruit everyday. Fruit such as Water melon, paw paw, orange, avocado pear, banana, African star apple, apple, mango ,guava , cashew fruit, soursop (shawa sop) and velvet tamarind (icheku). Banana is good for fertility, avocado pear is good for the skin, female aphrodisiac and reducing of body weight. Cucumber is a female aphrodisiac, carrot is good for the eyes and enhances sperm count . Guava, African star Apple and velvet tamarind are highly rich in vitamin C . Soursop is a potent anti cancer fruit. In fact, if want to live long on earth make fruits your best friend .
3. Foods such as Unriped Plantain is highly good for the body due to high iron content. Unriped Plantain is excellent for male sexual problem.
4. Vegetables : the more vegetables you eat the better for you. Many vegetables are loaded with antioxidant ,vitamins and minerals. Moringa oleifera leaves, pumkin leaves, bitter leaf leaves, ewedu leaves, okra, amaranthus leaves , erimionu / eriamionu leaves , black nightshade , mushrooms , water leaf are all rich vegetables. Include most of them in ur diet to remain every year young. Bitter leaf is very rich but most times we squeeze everything out and get little or nothing from it. Include mushrooms in your diet.Mush room is good for immune system . Very good for HIV/ AIDS patients. Some of these vegetables are highly medicinal. Including them in ur diet will prevent many health problems.
5. Exercise: regular exercise is very important for blood circulation and proper functioning of the body. Do exercise everyday if you want to live long life on earth 

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